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China Construction Bank Corporation


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Corporate Statistics
China Construction Bank Corporation logo
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China Construction Bank Corporation

No.25, Financial Street, Xicheng District Beijing China



China Construction Bank Corporation (the Bank) is a commercial bank. The Bank operates its business through corporate banking business, including corporate deposit, corporate credit loan, asset custody, enterprise annuity, trade financing, international settlement, international financing and value-added services, among others; personal banking business, including personal saving, loan, bank card services, foreign exchange trading and gold trading, among others; capital business, including financial consulting, financial market services and investment banking services, as well as other businesses, including equity investment and overseas business. The Bank operates branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfort, Johannesburg, Tokyo and Seoul, and representative offices in London, New York and Sydney. [1]


[edit] Criticisms

  • Former CCB head jailed for 15 years: "The former head of China Construction Bank Corp., Zhang Enzhao, was jailed for 15 years on Friday after pleading guilty to taking bribes to arrange loans, his lawyer said." [2]
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