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The aim of is to raise awareness of corporate abuse, and to serve as a catalyst for direct action against corporate power.

Ethical Consumerism is an important movement toward corporate reform, through which individuals recognize their own role in systems of oppression, and take personal steps toward resistance and  positive change.

However, the problem of unchecked corporate power is systemic and goes far beyond the scope of any single boycot or campaign.

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Corporate Statistics
Marubeni Corporation logo
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Marubeni Corporation

1-4-2 Ohtemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan



Marubeni is involved in the handling of products and provision of services in a broad range of sectors. These areas encompass importing and exporting, as well as transactions in the Japanese market, related to food, textiles, materials, pulp and paper, chemicals, energy, metals and mineral resources, iron and steel products, and transportation machinery, and includes offshore trading.

The Company's activities also extend to power projects and infrastructure, plants, ships and industrial machinery, real estate development and construction, and finance, logistics and information.

Additionally, Marubeni conducts business investment, development and management on a global level. [1]


[edit] Criticism

[edit] Business Ethics

  • Japan fraud scandal rattling giant companies"Fake business cards, impostors at meetings and forged documents stamped with the company seal are behind what appears to be an elaborate scam that Lehman Brothers in Japan alleges bilked it of millions of dollars in investment money. The alleged fraud is at the center of a $350 million lawsuit that Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. filed last week in Tokyo and that has ensnared one of the biggest names in Japan's road to modernization and economic power — trading house Marubeni Corp. Additional victims are popping up. And analysts say the unfolding scandal is a wake-up call about imperfect corporate governance and monitoring of rogue employees while this relatively insular nation is trying to attract foreign investment. Lehman assumed the deal was backed by Marubeni because documents had the official company seal and meetings with Marubeni employees were at the company office, according to the source, who asked not to be identified because of the case's sensitivity. A day after Lehman filed its suit, Medcajapan Co., a Japanese nursing care provider, said it lost 3.5 billion yen ($35 million) lent to a project related to Asclepius that Medcajapan believed was backed by Marubeni. And FinTechGlobal Inc., a Japanese technology investor, says it may have been duped out of 2.2 billion yen ($22 million) in a similar scheme involving Asclepius and Marubeni. Marubeni denies it's obligated to repay Lehman.
  • Farm ministry raids Marubeni unit over labeling scandal"The farm ministry raided on Monday the Sendai branch office of Marubeni Chikusan Corp., a subsidiary of major trading house Marubeni Corp. which admitted Friday the office passed off chicken imported from Brazil as higher-priced domestic chicken between 1999 and 2001."

[edit] Environmental Abuse

  • Verenium, Marubeni to Open Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in Thailand[2]"Verenium Corporation (Nasdaq: VRNM) and Marubeni Corporation announced that they are opening a three million-liter-per-year cellulosic ethanol plant in Saraburi, Thailand.Marubeni and Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. have already incorporated Verenium's technology into BioEthanol Japan's 1.4 million-liter-per-year cellulosic ethanol plant in Osaka, which utilizes construction wood waste as a feedstock. "

[edit] Human Rights

  • Japan Heads Back to Burma"Marubeni Corp. and other big trading companies have led the charge to do business in Burma. Now manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and banks are going. With potentially vast gas and oil reserves, lush forests and farmland and rich mineral deposits, Burma is a treasure trove of largely untapped resources...the 43 million Burmese earn some of the lowest wages in Asia...Human rights groups allege that the regime has used slave labor to build a railroad through the jungle."

[edit] Praise

  • Marubeni Enters Wind Energy Markets in North America"Marubeni Corp., one of Japan's major general trading companies, announced on December 4, 2007, that it decided to enter wind energy markets in North America by obtaining 1.32 million shares of Oak Creek Energy Systems, Inc. (OCES), a wind energy developer in California. For this equity participation, Marubeni invested U.S.$21.5 million and has become the major shareholder of OCES (shareholding ratio of 56.3 percent)."

[edit] Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Belterra Corporation Intragrated Resources Holdings, Inc. Marubeni Pulp and Paper North America Marubeni Specialty Chemicals, Inc. Helena Chemical Company Marubeni Motor Holdings, Inc. Prime Automotive Warehouse, Inc. Advantage Funding Management Co., Inc. Mac-Rox, Inc. Marcop II, Inc. Marubeni Plant Contractor, Inc. Tekmatex Inc. CoActive Capital Partners LLC Mac Trailer Leasing LLC Montreal Sporting Club Corporation Marubeni Canada Limited

Major Stock Holders: Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account), Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (4G Trust Account), The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account), Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., The Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd., Nippon Life Insurance Company, Aeon Co., Ltd., State Street Bank and Trust Company 505103.

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